Be an Amplifier

Make it about the kids…because it IS about the kids!

Our “why” is the same as yours. We’re in it for the kids. But as educators and counselors, you’re on the front lines of teen mental health every day. You see the daily impact of anxiety, depression, and stress. It is real—affecting relationships, academic performance, and overall health—and it is at a crisis point.

This is why we ask for and welcome your support.

BeHerd is not intended to be disruptive but rather to be an added resource that reimagines how kids can seek and get support. Here’s how:

  • Meet kids where they’re at—on their phone
  • Use technology to increase wellness—not diminish it
  • Empower kids to have a voice and use it

Talking and journaling are therapeutic. BeHerd promotes both, empowering kids to build a support network and share how they’re feeling on their terms and as they need.

How you can help…

Print out and make visible our posters and flyers

Install BeHerd, share your username, and make yourself available to be added to your students’/patients’ herds

Talk about BeHerd.

Encourage teens—and anyone who cares for teens (family, friends, educators, therapists, coaches, etc.)—to install the app and build their own herds.

Flyers & Posters

(Available for Download and Print)

Information Sheets

(Available for Download and Print; 8.5″x11″ Handouts)

Need help printing out flyers or posters?

We understand your district’s or organization’s finances may be tight. Don’t let that prevent you from promoting BeHerd in your school or office. Use the form below to let us know what materials you need and the quantity. We are happy to print and ship them to you.